Xavier Poiret (Dijon, France, 1948) Illustrator. For several years, he illustrated in different languages. His pencil moved freely from Switzerland to Canada, from France to Austria and to Yugoslavia, since he landed in Italy, where Poiret collaborated with the major publishers.
He carried out covers and stories illustrations, also in medical area.
His creative work  includes  advertising too.
Among lots who turned to his illustrations, we mention:
Epoca, Rizzoli, Linus, Giorgio Mondadori, Vjesnik (Zagreb), Corriere Medico, Bayard Presse, Arnoldo Mondadori, Zanichelli, New Magazine Edizioni, The Black Saints (Jazz), EMI – Blue Note, Ariston, Bells Telephone, La Rinascente, Air Canada, Olivetti, Cariplo, Fiat, Azione (Switzerland), Stigler-Otis, Nortel Networks, Kinefilm (Oslo).
He illustrated “Kronstadt 1921 – 1981″, a book written by Sergio Costa and published in 1981, and created various cultural and promotional poster like: Convention Hay Group, Trento’s Filmfestival (1990 and 1991), SMAU (International edition, 1996).
Through 22 years of collaboration [ 1987- 2009 ], with Viaggi del Ventaglio he has illustrated hundreds of brochure covers of this tour operator.
He is actually drawing a weekly illustration for the newspaper Corriere della Sera \ Economy since 2012.
He lives and works in Milan, Italy.